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Polyray plugin for Moray (beta 21)


This plugin adds: simple object keyframing, animation, and several rendering modes to Moray.  In addition to standard raytracing, you can also generate images using Wireframe, Hidden line, ZBuffer, and Scanline rendering.  The renderer displays to a window and outputs the image to "" (where filename is the name of your Moray model file and xxx is the selected file extension: BMP, DIB, PNG, ...

Note: This document is currently out of date (it was built for beta 19), and doesn’t describe many of the additional functions.  The enhancements are primarily associated with spline editing in the timeline control.  Try playing with it and see if it works for you…



The documentation for the animation plugin is all on-line.  The table of contents can be found here.


The instalation file (Windows binary executable) can be found here.