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Rendering a still Image

Selecting which rendering mode you want is under Render|Options (not Render|Render Options, that's for setting POV-Ray/Polyray options).  To render, select Render|Render (not Render|Raytrace, that's for running POV-Ray or the old Polyray application).

The first causes the current scene to be rendered using the rendering options set in Moray, as well as from the Options selection described below.  The second allows you to set some of the rendering options.  The third will abort any current rendering jobs (most of the time you can just close the rendering window - once in a while you need to just whack everything).

Currently the output file will go to the directory you have set as your default Moray output (something like ...\PovScn).

Rendering an Animation

Select Render|Animation to start rendering an animation.  If there are no key frames set, then this menu entry will not be accessible.  The current video codec settings will be used to generate the resulting AVI file.  The output file will be the name of the model file with .avi for the extension.  As with still images, the output file goes to the Polyray output directory.

The animation job can be terminated at any time by clicking the X in the top right corner, or by using the abort button from the job control dialog.

A check is made before overwriting an existing AVI file.  Note: you can't overwrite an AVI file that is currently being used by a different animation job.  In that case you will be prompted for a new filename.